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n.b. Part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only

Part Number Part Description
CEP-00093 Fuel Injector Enquire
CEP-00094 Seal - Injector Enquire
CEP-00095 O Ring Enquire
CEP-00100 Seal - Thermostat Enquire
CEP-00102 Seal - Rectangular Ring Enquire
CEP-00106 Seal - Oil Enquire
CEP-00107 Gasket - Oil Pan Enquire
CEP-00108 Gasket Set - Upper Enquire
CEP-00109 Gasket Kit - Bottom Set Enquire
CEP-00110 Sensor - Temperature Enquire
CEP-00113 Sensor - Boost Temp Enquire
CEP-00114 Sensor - Crankshaft Enquire
CEP-00280 Pulley - Idler Enquire
CEP-00311 Oil Seal Enquire
CEP-00312 Plug - Threaded Enquire
CEP-00341 Gasket - Valve Cover Enquire
CEP-00342 Valve Cover Enquire
CEP-00343 Cap - Oil Filler Enquire
CEP-00344 Injector Enquire
CEP-00345 Idler Pulley Enquire
CEP-00346 Idler Pulley Enquire
CEP-00347 Idler Pulley Enquire
CEP-00349 Oil Seal Enquire
CEP-00350 Gasket - Oil Sump Enquire
CEP-00351 Plug - Engine Sump Enquire
CEP-00352 O Ring Enquire
CEP-00353 O Ring Enquire
CEP-00354 Seal - Pressure Switch Enquire
CEP-00357 Gasket - Turbocharger Enquire
CEP-00358 Gasket - Turbo Outlet Enquire
CEP-00359 Sensor - Pressure Enquire
CEP-00360 O Ring Enquire
CEP-00361 Sensor - Pressure Enquire
CEP-00362 Seal Ring Enquire
CEP-00363 Sensor - Temperature Enquire
CEP-00364 Gasket - Intake Manifold Enquire
CEP-00365 Sensor - Temperature Enquire
CEP-00366 Sensor - Temperature Enquire
CMM-00486 Gasket - Valve Cover Enquire
CMM-00487 Washer - Sealing Enquire
CMM-00504 Sealing Ring Enquire
CMM-00511 Seal - O Ring Enquire
CPM-00255 Adblue Pump Enquire
CPM-00257 Sensor - NOX Enquire
CPM-00258 Sensor - Exhaust Enquire
CPM-00399 Injector - Adblue Doser Enquire
CPM-00414 Doser Pump Enquire
CPM-00415 Sensor - Pressure Enquire
CPM-00416 Injector - Doser Enquire
CPM-00418 Sensor - Temperature Enquire
CPM-00419 Sensor - Temperature Enquire
CPM-00420 Sensor - NOX Enquire
CPM-00421 Sensor - NOX Enquire
CPT-01539 Vacuum Valve - Air Filter Housing Enquire
CPT-01814 Cap - Filler Enquire
CPT-01822 Seal - Filler Cap Enquire

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