Bus, Coach and Truck Exhaust / Silencer aftermarket parts for Leyland
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Leyland Bus, Coach and Truck Exhaust / Silencer parts

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n.b. Part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only

Part Number Part Description
10866825 Tail Pipe Enquire
10890555 Front Pipe Enquire
25C120445 Silencer Enquire
25C121068 Inter-Pipe Enquire
25C130934 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
309REU Gasket - Exhaust Enquire
5225/3 Gasket - Exhaust Enquire
547690 Silencer Enquire
552948 Elbow Enquire
578417 Tail Pipe Enquire
9279Z27 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
ACU6180 Flex Clamp Enquire
BBU6225 Silencer Enquire
BCU2615 Clamp - Silencer Enquire
BCU2621 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
BCU2622 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
BCU2623 Exhaust Flex Enquire
BCU3134 Silencer Enquire
BCU3135 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
BCU3137 Exhaust Flex Enquire
BCU3167 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
BCU3675 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
BCU6455 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
D120445 Silencer Enquire
D121068 Inter-Pipe Enquire
GK05592 Gasket - Exhaust Enquire
HBU1008 Silencer Enquire
HBU1031 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU1069 Silencer Enquire
HBU1091 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU1092 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU1093 Silencer Enquire
HBU1094 Connecting Pipe Enquire
HBU1095 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU1099 Silencer Enquire
HBU1118 Silencer Enquire
HBU1119 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU1120 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU1138 Silencer Enquire
HBU1139 Silencer Enquire
HBU1140 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU1418 Silencer Enquire
HBU4298 Strap - Silencer Enquire
HBU4306 Clamp - Silencer Enquire
HBU4311 Bracket - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4313 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4316 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4318 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4321 Tail Clip Enquire
HBU4322 Bracket Enquire
HBU4330 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4334 Bracket Enquire
HBU4340 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4348 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4383 Support Ring - Silencer Enquire
HBU4391 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4392 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4393 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4394 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4404 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4409 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4410 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4414 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4433 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4467 Flex Clamp Enquire
HBU4491 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4499 Lap Joint Clamp 3.1/2In S/S Enquire
HBU4505 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4507 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4517 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4527 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4534 Coupling Enquire
HBU4559 Elbow Enquire
HBU4562 Elbow Enquire
HBU4563 Elbow Enquire
HBU4564 Elbow Enquire
HBU4570 Elbow Enquire
HBU4571 Elbow Enquire
HBU4611 Connecting Pipe Enquire
HBU4613 Exhaust Flex Enquire
HBU4614 Connecting Pipe Enquire
HBU4616 Connecting Pipe Enquire
HBU4617 Flexi-Pipe Enquire
HBU4620 Exhaust Hose Enquire
HBU4632 Exhaust Flex Enquire
HBU4639 Connecting Pipe Enquire
HBU4640 Exhaust Flex Enquire
HBU4647 Flexi-Pipe Enquire
HBU4715 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
HBU4724 Gasket Enquire
HBU4738 Gasket - Exhaust Enquire
HBU4760 Rubber Mounting - Tailpipe Enquire
HBU4770 Strap Enquire
HBU4777 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4780 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
HBU4798 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4800 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4808 Pipe - Inter Enquire
HBU4809 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4810 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4812 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4815 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU4820 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4822 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4828 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4829 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4830 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU4833 Pipe Enquire
HBU4835 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU4836 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4840 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4841 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4842 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4844 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4849 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU4850 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4853 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU4854 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4855 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4857 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4858 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
HBU4859 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4860 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU4861 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4866 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4870 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4871 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4873 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4875 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU4876 Elbow Enquire
HBU4878 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4882 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4891 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4894 Elbow Enquire
HBU4895 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4900 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4901 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4903 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4913 Exhaust Down Pipe Enquire
HBU4914 Pipe - Turbo Enquire
HBU4917 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4928 Pipe Enquire
HBU4941 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4953 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4954 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4965 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4967 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4970 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4972 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU4973 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU4974 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4975 Front Pipe Enquire
HBU4982 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
HBU4984 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU4986 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
HBU4987 Pipe Enquire
HBU5008 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU5010 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU5012 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5016 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
HBU5024 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5025 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5033 Elbow Enquire
HBU5034 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
HBU5035 Elbow Enquire
HBU5038 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5042 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5043 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU5046 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
HBU5048 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HBU5052 Exhaust Down Pipe Enquire
HBU5062 Exhaust Pipe Enquire
HBU5069 Elbow Enquire
HBU5076 Down - Pipe Enquire
HBU5096 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5133 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5180 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5182 Pipe Enquire
HBU5189 Pipe Enquire
HBU5191 Pipe Enquire
HBU5193 Pipe Enquire
HBU5203 Pipe Enquire
HBU5340 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5341 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5342 Pipe Enquire
HBU5371 Heatshield - Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5373 Silencer Enquire
HBU5380 Silencer Enquire
HBU5383 Silencer Enquire
HBU5384 Silencer Enquire
HBU5386 Silencer Enquire
HBU5387 Silencer Enquire
HBU5389 Silencer Enquire
HBU5391 Silencer Enquire
HBU5394 Silencer Enquire
HBU5399 Silencer Enquire
HBU5401 Silencer Enquire
HBU5402 Silencer Enquire
HBU5405 Silencer Enquire
HBU5406 Silencer Enquire
HBU5407 Silencer Enquire
HBU5408 Silencer Enquire
HBU5409 Silencer Enquire
HBU5411 Silencer Enquire
HBU5417 Silencer Enquire
HBU5419 Silencer Enquire
HBU5425 Silencer Enquire
HBU5434 Silencer Enquire
HBU5436 Silencer Enquire
HBU5439 Silencer Enquire
HBU5441 Silencer Enquire
HBU5446 Silencer Enquire
HBU5449 Silencer Enquire
HBU5452 Silencer Enquire
HBU5455 Silencer Enquire
HBU5456 Silencer Enquire
HBU5457 Silencer Enquire
HBU5467 Silencer Enquire
HBU5469 Silencer Enquire
HBU5472 Silencer Enquire
HBU5495 Silencer Enquire
HBU5529 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU5561 Silencer Enquire
HBU5562 Silencer Enquire
HBU5563 Silencer Enquire
HBU5566 Silencer Enquire
HBU5572 Sleeve - Exhaust Enquire
HBU5573 Support Strap Enquire
HBU5600 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5610 Tail Pipe Enquire
HBU5636 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU5637 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU5638 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU5641 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU5648 U Bolt - Exhaust Enquire
HBU5653 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU5671 V Clamp Enquire
HBU5672 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU5674 Clamp - Turbo Exhaust Enquire
HBU5703 Sealant Enquire
HBU5719 Pipe Enquire
HBU5720 Pipe Enquire
HBU5722 Silencer Enquire
HBU6613 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
HBU6619 Exhaust Clamp Kit Enquire
HLK1608 Silencer Enquire
HLK3130 Down - Pipe Enquire
HLK3763 Pipe - Turbo Enquire
HLK3764 Down - Pipe Enquire
HLK3765 Strap - Silencer Enquire
HMK1183 Down - Pipe Enquire
HMK1184 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HMK2221 Silencer Enquire
HMK2563 Tail Pipe Enquire
HMK3403 Inter-Pipe Enquire
HMK3404 Tail Pipe Enquire
HRK2778 Silencer Enquire
HRK3662 Tail Pipe Enquire
HRK3941 Strap Enquire
HRK6582 Pipe - Exhaust Enquire
KLK1215 Silencer Enquire
KLK5407 Silencer Enquire
KLK5698 Front Pipe Enquire
KLK5699 Front Pipe Enquire
KLK5820 Exhaust Flex Enquire
MAK1871 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
MAK1872 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
NLK2939 Tail Pipe Enquire
NLK3787 Silencer Enquire
NLK5223 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
NLK7220 Connecting Pipe Enquire
PAK3678 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
RAK8088 Silencer Enquire
RLK2413 Front Pipe Enquire
RLK2445 Exhaust Flex Enquire
T7/0233 Front Pipe Enquire
TAK1921 Strap - Silencer Enquire
TAK9837 Strap - Silencer Enquire
WAL5447 Silencer Enquire
WAL5518 Silencer Enquire
XSP10 Tail Pipe Enquire

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