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n.b. Part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only

Part Number Part Description
10227783 Bearing-Camshaft Inter Enquire
10258482 Sump Plug Washer Enquire
10281322 Gasket - Inlet Manifold Enquire
10281323 Gasket - Inlet Manifold Enquire
10613794 Pipe Enquire
10614841 Sedimenter Enquire
10621995 Pipe Enquire
10623877 Pipe - Water Inlet Enquire
10623878 Pipe - Water Inlet Enquire
10806635 Pipe - Water Inlet Enquire
10806638 Pipe - Air Outlet Sub Assy Enquire
10807657 Pipe- Water Outlet Enquire
10808490 Pipe Sub Assembly Enquire
10808492 Pipe Sub Assembly Enquire
10906075 Joint Set - Exhaust Manifold Enquire
10906076 Joint Set - Exhaust Manifold Enquire
10907308 Overhaul Gasket Set Enquire
10907365 Gasket Set - Decoke Enquire
191588 Injector Washer Enquire
227783 Bearing-Camshaft Inter Enquire
231931 Injector Seal Enquire
232430 Gasket - Rocker Cover Enquire
281322 Gasket - Inlet Manifold Enquire
281323 Gasket - Inlet Manifold Enquire
35514356 O Ring Enquire
609818 Pipe Sub Assembly Enquire
613794 Pipe Enquire
614841 Sedimenter Enquire
78/1031 Sedimenter Enquire
AAU4450 O Ring Enquire
AAU9902 Sealing Ring - Filter Base Enquire
ABU7730 Gasket - Turbo Enquire
ABU8774 Head Set Enquire
ACHB074 Damper - Engine Vibration Enquire
ACHK194 Damper - Engine Vibration Enquire
ACU1219 Exhaust Brake Enquire
ACU5646 Nut Enquire
C110907 Plug - Sump Enquire
C134076 Solenoid - Fuel Pump Enquire
C154916 Gasket Enquire
C193736 Injector Seal Enquire
C200766 Exhaust Elbow Enquire
C201048 Gasket T/C Oil Intake Enquire
C201049 Gasket Enquire
C210025 Bushing Enquire
C214741 Head - Fuel Filter Enquire
C3008400 Gasket - Hydraulic Pump Enquire
C3016780 Bearing Main Enquire
C3019631 Washer Enquire
C3021420 Solenoid - Fuel Pump Enquire
C3025320 Splined Adaptor Enquire
C3026156 Washer - Thermostat Housing Enquire
C3028070 Insert - Valve Enquire
C3028346 Clamp Enquire
C3033314 Valve Guide Enquire
C3034855 Gasket - Rocker Lever Cover Enquire
C3035346 Valve - Fuel Shutoff Enquire
C3037537 O Ring Enquire
C3042401 Grommet Enquire
C3043674 Pulley Enquire
C3045850 Capscrew Enquire
C3048296 Lever Enquire
C3049408 Gasket Enquire
C3054609 Solenoid Enquire
C3055069 Plug Enquire
C3069103 Gasket - Fuel Pump Enquire
C3084899 Bearing - Thrust Enquire
C3092667 Gasket - Housing Enquire
C3099083 Gasket Enquire
C3250869 Adjuster Block Enquire
C3251542 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Enquire
C3251543 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Enquire
C3251544 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Enquire
C3251545 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Enquire
C3251547 Fuel Pipe Enquire
C3251627 Dipstick Enquire
C3251726 Pipe - Water Inlet Enquire
C3251728 Water Pipe Enquire
C3252100 Cap - Filler Enquire
C3252183 Cap - Filler Enquire
C3252507 Dipstick Tube Enquire
C3253487 Dipstick Enquire
C3253499 Pipe Assy - Turbo Oil Feed Enquire
C3253624 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Enquire
C3253626 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Enquire
C325387 Dipstick Enquire
C3254070 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Drain Enquire
C3254072 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Drain Enquire
C3254220 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Enquire
C3254225 Dipstick Enquire
C3254665 Cover - Hand Hole Enquire
C3254851 Spacer - Mounting Enquire
C3276608 Gasket - Turbo To Exhaust Down Pipe Enquire
C3279505 Injector - Top Stop Enquire
C3279505R Injector - Top Stop Enquire
C3328634 Gasket - Cylinder Head Enquire
C3328948 Exhaust Joint Enquire
C3519762 Gasket - Turbo Enquire
C3519807 Gasket - Turbocharger Enquire
C3558515 Gasket - Hydraulic Pump Enquire
C3600467 Gasket - Carrier Enquire
C3800340 Valve - Inlet Enquire
C3800341 Valve - Exhaust Enquire
C3800968 Kit - Seal Enquire
C3803297 Liner Enquire
C3803574 Oil Seal Kit Enquire
C3803575 Oil Seal Enquire
C3818121 Screw - Hex Flange Head Cap Enquire
C3818847 Gasket - Power Steering Enquire
C3819760 Exhaust Joint Enquire
C3819900 Gasket - Turbocharger Enquire
C3821676 Bolt Enquire
C3882894 Gasket - Oil Pan Enquire
C3883223 Isolator - Noise Enquire
C3883472 Gasket - Hand Hole Enquire
C3892251 Push Rod Enquire
C3893717 Gasket - Support Enquire
C3893774 Gasket - Support Enquire
C3896045 Drive Assy Enquire
C3905776 Clip Enquire
C3907680 Dipstick Enquire
C3918959 Flexplate Enquire
C3924582 Valve Seat - Inlet Enquire
C3926126 Oil Seal And Sleeve Kit Enquire
C3936876 Seal - Rectangular Ring Enquire
C3937214 Spray Jet Enquire
C3939284 Gasket - Rocker Cover Enquire
C3940245 Gasket - Compressor Enquire
C3944001 Washer - Support Enquire
C3944222 Heater - Air Intake Enquire
C3944646 Gasket - Inlet Manifold Cover Enquire
C4022500 Gasket - Cylinder Head Enquire
C4070529 Gasket - Housing Enquire
C4895933 Pipe - Fuel Supply Enquire
C68645 Elbow Enquire
C68749 Connector - Female Enquire
CBU1388 Seal - Rectangular Ring Enquire
CBU1393 Connector - Male Enquire
CBU2270 Washer - Sump Gasket Enquire
CM-2831077 Gasket - Oil Cooler Enquire
CM-3252276 Gasket - Compressor Enquire
CM-3929751 Gasket Enquire
CM-3937477 Manifold - Exhaust Enquire
CM-3942259 Manifold - Exhaust Enquire
CM-3943850 Manifold - Exhaust Enquire
CM-3943874 Manifold - Exhaust Enquire
CM-3943875 Manifold - Exhaust Enquire
CM-3945603 Gasket Enquire
CM-4022497 Gasket Enquire
CM-4089650 Kit - Head Gasket Enquire
CM-4895742 Gasket Enquire
CM-4896811 Gasket Enquire
CM-4899231 Gasket - Rocker Lever Housing Enquire
CM-4955229 Kit - Head Gasket Enquire
CS1028 Elbow Enquire
CS1040A Elbow Enquire
ESCBU1099 Lift Pump Enquire
ESCBU1225 Injector Kit Enquire
FBU8012 Drive Plate Enquire
GA04901 Packing Set - 6LXB Enquire
GA04928 Head Set Enquire
GC03081 Screw Enquire
GC06333 Nut Enquire
GC06545 Packing Enquire
GC09356 Packing Enquire
GD27085 Bracket For Engine Stop Enquire
GE04762 Gasket - Exhaust Manifold Enquire
GE08096 O Ring Enquire
GE09603 Gasket Enquire
GE97750 Loc Ring Enquire
GE98890 Plug - Sump Drain Enquire
GF04206 Cover - Waterpump Enquire
GF27281 Pulley Enquire
GF27282 Pulley Enquire
GF27509 Pulley Enquire
GF37033 Pipe - Oil Feed Enquire
GF37263 Pulley Enquire
GH06914 Shield - Exhaust Manifold Enquire
GJ05283 Union Enquire
GJ05869 Shim Enquire
GJ06602 Setscrew Enquire
GJ06963 Trunnion Enquire
GJ08100 Return Spring Enquire
GJ08218 Sealing Ring Enquire
GJ09418 Packing Enquire
GK00323 Bolt Enquire
GK00792 Joint Enquire
GK01167 Sealing Ring Enquire
GK01170 Packing - Air Compressor Enquire
GK01365 Seal - Inector Pipe Enquire
GK04748 Nut Enquire
GK05337 O Ring Enquire
GK05441 Stud - Manifold Clamp Enquire
GK06258 Coupling-Pump Shaft Enquire
GK06338 Gasket Enquire
GK07569 Collar Enquire
GK07632 Coupling Sleeve Enquire
GK07690 O Ring Enquire
GK55150 Pulley Enquire
GL20032 Clip Enquire
GL20172 Adjuster Bolt Enquire
GL20215 Joint Ring - Inlet Manifold Enquire
GL20416 Chain - 98P Enquire
GL21021 Key Enquire
GL21022 Woodruff Key Enquire
GL21416 Washer Enquire
GL21706 Bolt Enquire
GL21752 Guide Enquire
GL22405 Filter Enquire
GL22748 Plate Enquire
GL22768 Lever Enquire
GL22981 Chain - 98P Enquire
GL23080 Insulating Ring - Inlet Manifold Enquire
GL23243 Drain Plug Enquire
GL23884 Adaptor Enquire
GL25024 Clamp - Exhaust Enquire
GL27335 Gasket Enquire
GL27410 Gasket Enquire
GL27530 Gasket - Exhaust Manifold Enquire
GL27598 Pulley Enquire
GL27601 Spindle Enquire
GL27620 Pulley - Idler Belt Adjuster Enquire
GL27622 Pulley Enquire
GL27681 Pulley Enquire
GL37042 Drive Shaft Enquire
GR/E098890 Plug - Sump Drain Enquire
GR/J08100 Return Spring Enquire
GR/L37042 Drive Shaft Enquire
GS05726/4 Distance Washer Enquire
GT01702 Overflow Pipe Enquire
GT01703 Overflow Pipe Enquire
GT04021 Pipe Assembly Enquire
GT04079 Pipe - Gardner Enquire
GT04080 Pipe - Gardner Enquire
GT27141 Spindle Assy Enquire
GT27795 Valve Assembly - Fuel Stop Enquire
HAJ1266 Pipe Sub Assembly Enquire
HAJ1268 Pipe Sub Assembly Enquire
HAJ1887 Pipe Sub Assembly Enquire
HAJ2019 Shell Bearing Kit Enquire
HAJ2200 Pipe Sub Assembly Enquire
HBU2332 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Drain Enquire
HBU2466 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Enquire
HBU2820 Pipe Assembly - Fuel Enquire
HBU3517 Oil Seal - Crankshaft - Rear Enquire
HBU3790 Gasket Enquire
HBU3804 Valve - Water Filter Enquire
HBU3806 Gasket - Power Steering Enquire
HBU3812 Insert - Valve Enquire
HBU3813 Lever Enquire
HBU3958 Filler Cap - Oil Enquire
HBU4234 Oil Seal Enquire
NAJ3179 Injector Seal Enquire
NAJ3343 Gasket - Rocker Cover Enquire
NAJ3343NP Gasket - Rocker Cover Enquire
NJJ1027 Injector Seal Enquire
NLK4152 Washer - Engine Mounting Enquire
NLK4171 Stud - Engine Mounting Enquire
NLK7696 Stud - Engine Mounting Enquire
NLK7697 Stud - Engine Mounting Enquire
RAK3223Y01 Lift Pump Enquire
VBU1173 Gasket - Filter Cover Enquire
VBU1408 O Ring Enquire
VBU2613 Gasket - Filter Cover Enquire
VBU2631 Gasket Enquire
VBU3233 Gasket - Filter Cover Enquire
WAL4263 Pipe - Water Outlet Enquire
WAL4264 Pipe - Water Outlet Enquire
WAL5873 Pipe Sub Assembly Enquire
X31724 Drive Plate Enquire
XBU0643 Complementary Gasket Set Enquire
XBU0771 Stud - Engine Mounting Enquire
XBU0775 Injector Sleeve Kit Enquire

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