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n.b. Part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only

Part Number Part Description
100CP1722 Switch - Reverse Light Enquire
100CP2253 Cable & Cover Enquire
100CP3012 Transmitter Enquire
100CP3200 Transmitter Enquire
10204313 Terminal Cover Enquire
10310435 Switch - Pressure Enquire
10510549 Valve - Solenoid Enquire
10565993 Cover Enquire
10617080 Switch - Thermal Enquire
10621898/1 Switch Water Temp Enquire
10805839 Stop Solenoid-Engine Enquire
10805954 Switch - Thermal Enquire
10850144 O Ring Enquire
10850159 Screw Enquire
10853985 Relay Enquire
10878374 Switch - Thermal Enquire
10894343 Hazard Switch Enquire
10894783 Switch - Radalarm Enquire
10901658 Switch Enquire
10901909 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
10903203 Probe - Header Tank Enquire
10903214 Switch Enquire
10903725 Switch Enquire
10904235 Bell Push Enquire
10907299 Switch C/W Bracket - Bell Push Enquire
10919596 Transducer Enquire
10922344 Probe - Radolarm Enquire
1279596 Button - Gear Selector (Reverse) Enquire
13H1550 Plug - Female Connector Enquire
13H2138 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
13H4871 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
204313 Terminal Cover Enquire
25C131075 Transmitter Enquire
25C140285 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
310435 Switch - Pressure Enquire
40018977 Bulb Enquire
510549 Valve - Solenoid Enquire
526200 Wiper Motor Enquire
617080 Switch - Thermal Enquire
AAU1248 Terminal Enquire
AAU1819 Actuator Microswitch Enquire
AAU2974 Thermal Switch Enquire
AAU4046 Lens - Clear & Reflex Enquire
AAU4047 Lens - Red Enquire
AAU5034 Diode Enquire
AAU5440 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
AAU7192 Light Unit Enquire
AAU7272 Washer Pump - 24V Enquire
AAU7522 Knob Enquire
AAU8602 Flasher Unit Enquire
AAU9697 Lamp - Fog Enquire
ABU1317 Stop Solenoid-Engine Enquire
ABU2334 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
ABU4838 Lens Kit Enquire
ABU5777 Lens Assy Enquire
ABU6977 Induction Transmitter Enquire
ABU7044 Switch Enquire
ABU7045 Switch Enquire
ABU7316 Screw Enquire
ABU7610 Lens Assy - Amber / White Enquire
ABU7928 Lens - Red Vertical Enquire
ABU9941 P.C. Board & Plug Assy Enquire
ACU1141 Transducer Enquire
ACU1606 Flasher Unit Enquire
ACU2074 Light Unit - Front - C/W Connector Enquire
ACU2805 Switch - Temperature Enquire
ACU3856 Bell C/W Metal Tip Enquire
ACU4287 Level Detector Enquire
ACU4633 Buzzer Enquire
ACU4757 Probe Enquire
ACU4758 Grommet-Water Probe Enquire
ACU5377 Microswitch Enquire
ACU5410 Alarm Switch Enquire
ACU5506 Pulse Generator Enquire
ACU5658 Transmitter Enquire
ACU5860 Relay-Change Over Enquire
ACU5938 Microswitch Enquire
ACU6133 Switch - Rocker Enquire
ACU6136 Blanking Plug Enquire
ACU6150 Lens Insert Rear Fog Switch Enquire
ACU6284 Pulse Generator Enquire
ACU6723 Buzzer Enquire
ACU6921 Buzzer Enquire
ACU7092 Wiper Motor Enquire
ACU7094 Connector Enquire
AEU2517 Light Unit Enquire
AJU1680 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
AJU2246 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
BBU1363 Switch - Hazard Warning Enquire
BBU1488 Switch - Column Enquire
BBU2536 Valve - Solenoid Enquire
BBU3843 Washer Pump - 24V Enquire
BBU4468 Lens - Headlamp Enquire
BBU4536 Relay Enquire
BBU4686 End Cap - Square C/W Screw Enquire
BBU7010 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
BBU8599 Lamp - Fog Enquire
BBU9347 Microswitch Enquire
BCU1624 Lens - Drivers Seat Lighting Enquire
BCU1703 Switch - Stop Lamp Enquire
BCU1791 Lens - Interior Lighting Enquire
BCU1994 Headlamp Enquire
BCU1996 Lamp Assembly Enquire
BCU2131 Radalarm Enquire
BCU2282 Fuel Sender Enquire
BCU2367 Flasher Unit Enquire
BCU2583 Relay - 24V 40A Enquire
BCU2591 Step Lamp - Guarded Enquire
BCU3345 Switch Water Temp Enquire
BCU3609 Thermalarm Pack Enquire
BCU4044 Warning Light Lens - Rev. Horn Enquire
BCU4115 Roof Light Enquire
BCU4507 Horn 24V - Low Note Disc Type Enquire
BCU5563 Tacho Generator (4 Pin) Enquire
BCU6447 Switch - Pressure Enquire
BCU6590 Radalarm Enquire
BCU7421 Bell Push - Yellow Finish Enquire
BMK622 Switch Remote Enquire
C3254691 Switch - Temperature Enquire
C3254692 Switch - Pressure Enquire
C3255121 Switch - Temperature Enquire
C3255122 Switch - Temperature Enquire
C3255479 Switch - Temperature Enquire
C3255575 Switch - Pressure Enquire
C3629657 Switch - Pressure Enquire
C3903576 Solenoid Enquire
CAL0930 Sender - Temperature Enquire
CAL0984 Switch - Stoplight - Plastic Body Enquire
CAL3434 Switch Enquire
CAL3659 Knob Enquire
D131075 Transmitter Enquire
FBU1188 Horn Enquire
FBU1211 Aqualarm Unit Enquire
FBU3304 Horn 24V - Low Note Disc Type Enquire
FBU8340 Reflector - Rear Lamp Enquire
FBU8373 Lamp Enquire
FBU8868 Lens Enquire
GK08127 Switch - Temperature Enquire
GK08128 Switch - Pressure Enquire
HBU2281 Reverse Alarm Enquire
HBU2329 Generator - Speedo Enquire
HBU2677 Heat Sink And Diodes Enquire
HBU2785 Lens - Amber Enquire
HBU2787 Lens - Clear Enquire
HBU2791 Lamp Enquire
HBU2842 Thermal Switch Enquire
HBU2849 Master Switch Enquire
HBU2865 Switch - Oil Pressure Enquire
HBU3106 Switch - Retarder Enquire
HBU3107 Switch - Retarder Enquire
HBU3190 Switch - Retarder Enquire
HBU3239 Switch - Temperature Enquire
HBU3267 Horn 24V - High Note Disc Type Enquire
HBU3268 Horn 24V - Low Note Disc Type Enquire
HBU3269 Switch - Temperature Enquire
HBU3271 Column Switch Enquire
HBU3272 Flasher Unit Enquire
HBU3274 Relay - 24V 20A Enquire
HBU3299 Switch Enquire
HBU3306 Switch Enquire
HBU3839 Buzzer - Full/Night Silent Enquire
HBU3953 Switch Enquire
HBU3984 Switch - Oil Pressure Enquire
HBU7281 Relay-Change Over Enquire
HBU7282 Relay-24V Enquire
HBU7288 Reflector-Round Red Enquire
HBU7289 Step Lamp Enquire
HBU7292 Switch - Parking Brake (Round Plug) Enquire
HBU7293 Flasher Unit Enquire
HBU7296 Wiper Switch Enquire
HBU7298 Lens - Red - Rear Light (Side/Stop) Enquire
HBU7309 Induction Transmitter Enquire
HBU7310 Lens Assy Enquire
HBU7311 Lens - Red Vertical Enquire
HBU7312 Light Unit-Rear Vertical LH Enquire
HBU7314 Lens Assy - Amber / White Enquire
HBU7315 Light Unit - Front - C/W Connector Enquire
HBU7316 Indicator - Side Direction Enquire
HBU7317 Lens - Amber Enquire
HBU7323 End Cap - Square C/W Screw Enquire
HBU7324 Relay-Change Over Enquire
HBU7338 Lamp - Rear - Universal (Stop/Tail) Enquire
HBU7340 Lamp Position (Side) Rear - Red Enquire
HBU7341 Lamp Position Enquire
HBU7345 Lens - Side Indicator Enquire
HBU7353 Lamp Registration Plate Rear Enquire
HBU7354 Glass - Stippled - Clear Enquire
HBU7476 Flasher Unit Enquire
HBU7483 Light Cluster - Rear - LED Enquire
HBU7484 Marker Light - Vehicle Set 24V-LED Enquire
HBU7634 Probe - Header Tank Enquire
HRK5925 Switch - Oil Pressure Assy Enquire
HRK8822 Switch - Oil Pressure Assy Enquire
KLTA0194 Flasher Unit Enquire
KLTA0226 Switch - Indicator Enquire
KLTA0230 Switch - Ignition Enquire
MBU0241 Bulb Enquire
MBU0289 Bulb Enquire
MBU0339 Bulb Enquire
MBU0508 Bulb Enquire
MBU0650 Bulb Enquire
MBU1988 Switch Enquire
MBU2128 Switch Enquire
MBU505 Bulb Enquire
MZH9225 Switch - Water Temp Transducer Enquire
NCP034 Inverter Enquire
NLK2444 Probe - Radalarm Enquire
NRK 3325 Probe - Radolarm Enquire
NRK3290 Flasher Unit Enquire
RDH2040 Rocker Switch Enquire
RDH2041 Lens - Green Enquire
TE2800019 Light Cluster - Rear - LH Enquire
TE2800020 Light Cluster - Rear - RH Enquire
TLH6903 Microswitch Enquire
VBU1186 Switch - Temperature Enquire
VBU1511 Induction Transmitter Enquire
VBU3256 Induction Transmitter Enquire
XBU0431 Switch - Engine Stop Enquire
XBU0726 Switch - Indicator Hazard Enquire
XBU1468 Generator - Speedo Enquire

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