Bus, Coach and Truck Brake Components aftermarket parts for Leyland
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n.b. Part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only

Part Number Part Description
10332013 Spring Enquire
10513407 Brake Pin Enquire
10889646 Screw Enquire
10890307 Brake Roller Enquire
10891387 Brake Shoe Enquire
12999011 Repair Kit Enquire
12999072 Repair Kit Enquire
12999073 Repair Kit Enquire
12A578 Spring - Brake Cam Enquire
13229092 Plate Enquire
13303021 Spring Enquire
13304019 Spring Enquire
13731033 Locking Plate Enquire
13826002 Rubber Plug Enquire
18G8834 Steady Rest Kit Enquire
25281204 Bush - Brake Camshaft Lever Enquire
25504350 Pin - Brake Enquire
37H6286 Strut Enquire
40009862 Bracket - Brake LH Enquire
40009863 Bracket - Brake RH Enquire
40009871 Anchor Pin Enquire
40009872 Pin - Spring Anchor Enquire
41014195 Roller - Brake Shoe Enquire
41014196 Pin - Brake Shoe Roller Enquire
41014198 Bush - Brake Camshaft Enquire
41014199 Spring - Return Enquire
41024674 Brake Camshaft Enquire
41027630 Pivot Pin - Brake Shoe Enquire
41027631 Bush - Brake Shoe Enquire
41027633 Brake Pin Bolt End Enquire
506249 Brake Pin Enquire
51300 Pin - Brake Bsf Enquire
513356 Bush - Brake Shoe Enquire
513407 Brake Pin Enquire
AAU6457 Thrust Pin Enquire
AAU7959 Boot Retainer Enquire
ABU1941 Brake Pin Enquire
ABU5141 Spring - Pull-Off Enquire
BBU2255 Handbrake Lever Cam Enquire
BBU2256 Handbrake Lever Cam Enquire
BBU2314 Dust Cover Enquire
CAL4925 Bush - Friction Enquire
CBL6268 Washer - Brake Cam Enquire
FBU1069 Spring Enquire
FBU1071 Spring Enquire
FBU1072 Rubber Plug Enquire
FBU3731 Wheel Cylinder Enquire
FBU3838 Bearing - Needle Roller Enquire
FBU9116 Clip Enquire
HBU2029 Repair Kit Enquire
HBU2660 Expander Unit Enquire
HBU2661 Repair Kit Enquire
HBU2662 Repair Kit Enquire
HBU2663 Repair Kit Enquire
HBU2664 Seal Kit - Expander Unit Enquire
HBU2753 Repair Kit Enquire
HBU2793 Cross Strut Enquire
HBU2795 Brake Shoe Enquire
HBU2796 Dust Shield Enquire
HBU2797 Bolt Enquire
HBU2798 Screw Enquire
HBU2799 Spring Enquire
HBU2800 Rubber Plug - Rectangular Enquire
HBU2801 Clip Enquire
HBU2802 Spring Enquire
HBU2803 Rubber Plug - Round Enquire
HBU2804 Adjusting Screw Enquire
HBU2805 Brake Shoe Locator Enquire
HBU2806 Washer Enquire
HBU2888 Locking Plate Enquire
HBU3429 Brake Shoe Enquire
HBU3438 Repair Kit Enquire
HBU3450 Spring Enquire
HBU7503 Repair Kit Enquire
KLK4371 Brake Shoe Enquire
KLTA0239 Spring - Pull Off Enquire
KLTA0240 Spring - Pull Off Enquire
NAK1166 Spindle - Brake Roller Enquire
NAK2940 Brake Shoe Enquire
NAK6566 Bush - Brake Shoe Enquire
NAK7281 Bush - Brake Carrier Enquire
NAK7588 Bush - Brake Shoe Enquire
ND606041 Nut Enquire
NLK1782 Pin - Brake Enquire
NLK4917 Boot Retainer Enquire
NLK8738 Spring - Rear Brake Shoe Enquire
NLK9375 Brake Camshaft Enquire
NLK9703 Brake Shoe Enquire
NLK9703NHT Brake Shoe Enquire
PBU1837 Sensor - ABS Enquire
X69765 Bearing - Needle Roller Enquire
X83828 Bearing - Needle Roller Enquire
X83840 Bush - Brake Carrier Enquire
X84074 Bearing - Needle Roller Enquire
XBU0400 Return Spring Enquire
XBU0423 Bush - Brake Lever (Z Cam) Enquire
XBU0538 Brake Cover Enquire
XBU0554 Brake Shoe Enquire
XBU0668 Dust Cover Enquire
XBU0682 Repair Kit Enquire
XBU0683 Repair Kit Enquire
XBU0684 Pinion - Z Cam - LH Enquire
XBU0685 Pinion - Z Cam - RH Enquire
XBU0746 Cross Shaft Enquire
XBU1478 Cross Shaft Enquire
XBU1482 Repair Kit Enquire

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