Bus, Coach and Truck Axle Components aftermarket parts for Leyland
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Leyland Bus, Coach and Truck Axle Components parts

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n.b. Part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only

Part Number Part Description
0005266 Shim Enquire
10135098 Cover - King Pin Enquire
10184367 Stud - Axle Shaft Enquire
10231506 Ferrule Enquire
10232914 Washer-Locking Enquire
10292563 Felt Enquire
10298170 King Pin Enquire
10550783 King Pin Enquire
10550787 Bush Upper - King Pin Enquire
10550793 Cotter Pin Enquire
10561172 Joint - Rear Axle Enquire
10901146 Seal - King Pin Enquire
10901149 Cotter Pin Enquire
10901150 Gasket - Top Cover King Pin Enquire
10901204/05 Shim Enquire
10901204/25 Shim Enquire
10901204/50 Shim Enquire
10901389 Bush Upper - King Pin Enquire
10901390 Bush Enquire
10901391 Washer - Thrust Enquire
12A543 Washer - Spring Enquire
135098 Cover - King Pin Enquire
184367 Stud - Axle Shaft Enquire
223HGE Cap Enquire
231506 Ferrule Enquire
232914 Washer-Locking Enquire
233086/10 Shim Enquire
233086/3 Shim Enquire
233086/5 Shim Enquire
292563 Felt Enquire
298168 Thrust Button Enquire
298170 King Pin Enquire
35500164 Plug - Oil Enquire
35501402 Washer - Diff Cage D66 Enquire
40005095 Washer - Bottom Cap Enquire
40005263 Sleeve - Steel Enquire
40005265 Shim Enquire
40005266 Shim Enquire
40009846 O Ring Enquire
41014117 Nut Enquire
41014192 Seal - Dirt (Metal) Enquire
41024046 Locknut Enquire
41024094 Bolt Enquire
41024098 Washer - Diff Cage D66 Enquire
41024103 Washer - Diff Cage D66 Enquire
41024104 Dowel Enquire
41024115 Plug - Magnetic Enquire
41024117 Nut Enquire
41024153 Setscrew - Rear Hub Enquire
41024156 O Ring Enquire
41024159 Needle Roller Enquire
41024170 Dowel - Annulus Gear Enquire
41024172 Lock Plate Enquire
41024178 Screw - 1/2 UNF Special Enquire
41024185 Bracket - Brake Enquire
41025191 Nipple - Oil Enquire
41025267 Shim Enquire
41027466 Bush Enquire
41027474 Nut Enquire
41027475 D Washer Enquire
41027477 V Seal - S82/S75 Enquire
41027478 Felt Enquire
41027480 Top Cap - King Pin Enquire
41027482 Shim Enquire
41027483 Joint - Paper Enquire
41027490 Bolt Enquire
41027493 Joint - Hubcap Enquire
41027628 Bolt Enquire
41027632 Setscrew Enquire
41027634 Washer Enquire
41028032 Gear Planet Enquire
41028033 Gear - Sun Pinion Enquire
41028890 Nut Enquire
41028895 Nut Enquire
41028896 Bracket - Brake Camshaft Enquire
41029073 Spacer - Planet Wheel Enquire
41029080 Screw - Locating Enquire
41031083 Planet Pin Headed Enquire
41031084 O Ring Enquire
41031105 Cap - Planet Pin End Enquire
41031668 Shim Enquire
41032316 Nut Enquire
41032317 O Ring Enquire
42358 Nipple - Oil 1/8 Gas Enquire
486637 Shim Enquire
486638 Shim Enquire
505524 Bearing Enquire
5266 Shim Enquire
550783 King Pin Enquire
550787 Bush Upper - King Pin Enquire
550793 Cotter Pin Enquire
561172 Joint - Rear Axle Enquire
598921 Bearing Enquire
60682 Spring Enquire
61583 Bush - King Pin Enquire
61635 Seal Upper - King Pin Enquire
61647/1 Shim Enquire
61647/2 Shim Enquire
61647/5 Shim Enquire
61647/6 Shim Enquire
61647/7 Shim Enquire
AAL0092 Plate - Support Sub Assy Enquire
ABU5213 Cover Plate Enquire
ABU5254 Socket Adjusting - RH Enquire
ABU5360 Nut Enquire
ABU5717 Bearing - Rear Hub Enquire
ABU8729 Bearing Enquire
ABU8941 Oil Seal - Hub Enquire
ABU8947 Oil Seal - Rear Hub Enquire
ACU3542 O Ring Enquire
ACU4494 V Seal Enquire
ACU5331 Thrust Washer Enquire
ACU8417 Oil Seal Enquire
ACU8556 Bearing Enquire
ACU8827 Oil Seal - Rear Hub Enquire
BBU3947 Seal Enquire
BBU5036 Oil Seal Kit Enquire
BBU6517 King Pin Enquire
BBU7092 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7093 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7094 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7095 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7096 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7097 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7099 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7100 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7101 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7102 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7103 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7104 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7105 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7106 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7107 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7108 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7109 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7111 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7112 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7113 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7114 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7115 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7116 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7117 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7118 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7119 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7120 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7121 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7122 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7123 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7124 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7125 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7126 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7127 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7128 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7129 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7130 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7131 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7132 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7134 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7135 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7136 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7137 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7139 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7140 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7141 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7142 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7144 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7145 Speedisleeve Enquire
BBU7147 Speedisleeve Enquire
BCU1955 Oil Seal Enquire
BH606161 Bolt Enquire
CAL0879 Plate Enquire
CAL1142 Trunnion Enquire
CAL1982 Oil Seal - Metal Cased Enquire
CBL1156 Felt Seal Enquire
CBL3099 Spacer Enquire
CBL3102 Bush Enquire
CBL4196 Bush Enquire
CBL4197 Bush Upper - King Pin Enquire
CR120375 Circlip Enquire
DWK5012 Road Wheel Enquire
EAW0778 Bush - King Pin Enquire
EAW0779 Bush - King Pin Enquire
EAW1362 Seal Enquire
EAW1393 O Ring Enquire
EAW2470 Shim Enquire
EAW2471 Shim Enquire
EAW4428 Valve Enquire
EAW4708 Cap Joint Enquire
EBW1201 Hub Cap Enquire
FBU2731 Shim Enquire
FBU2732 Shim Enquire
FBU2733 Shim Enquire
FBU4042 Joint Enquire
FBU5291 Nut Enquire
FBU9483 Shim Enquire
HAK8889 Casing & Tube Sub Assy - RH Enquire
HAK8890 Casing & Tube Sub Assy - LH Enquire
HAW4017 Nut Enquire
HBU2844 Oil Seal - Hub Enquire
HBU2846 Oil Seal - Rear Hub Enquire
HBU3083 Speedisleeve Enquire
HBU3302 Screw - Stop Enquire
HBU3308 Lock Washer Kit Enquire
HBU3321 Road Wheel Enquire
HBU3367 Oil Seal - Hub Enquire
HBU3473 Oil Seal Enquire
HBU3558 Lock Washer Kit Enquire
HBU3895 Oil Seal - Rear Hub Enquire
HBU3949 Nut Enquire
HBU3989 Road Wheel Enquire
HBU4016 Oil Seal - Front Hub Enquire
HBU4017 Seal - Front Hub Enquire
HBU4019 Oil Seal Kit - Rear Hub Enquire
HBU4239 Washer - King Pin Enquire
HBU4242 Road Wheel Enquire
HBU6553 Road Wheel Enquire
HBU6554 Road Wheel Enquire
KAW4017 Button Enquire
MAK6048 Hub Cap Enquire
MZK4298 Locknut Enquire
NAK 1905 Road Wheel Enquire
NAK1905 Road Wheel Enquire
NAK1909 Road Wheel Enquire
NAK1930 Road Wheel Enquire
NAK1931 Road Wheel Enquire
NAK1933 Road Wheel Enquire
NAK1980 Road Wheel Enquire
NAK3330 Roller Enquire
ND612041 Nut Enquire
NH607041 Nut Enquire
NH608041 Nut Enquire
NL408061 Nut Enquire
NL612041 Nut Enquire
NLK1931 Road Wheel Enquire
NLK6002 Road Wheel Enquire
NLK6029 Road Wheel Enquire
NLK9388 Annulus Anchor Enquire
NT606041 Nut Enquire
NUJF0625 Nut Enquire
NV112041 Locknut 12mm Enquire
NV608041 Locknut Enquire
NY608041 Locknut Enquire
RLK2801/2 Diff Cage Pair Enquire
RLK2871 Oil Seal Enquire
RLK2938 Washer - Diff Cage D66 Enquire
WA600071 Washer - Cotter Enquire
WL600061 Washer - Bottom Cap Enquire
WL600081 Washer - Spring Enquire
X67825 Lock Washer - Front Hub Enquire
X83842 Pin - Fulcrum Enquire
X83843 Plate - Retaining Enquire
XBU0370 Dowel Enquire
XBU0426 Diff Cage Pair Enquire
XBU0497 Oil Seal - Front Hub Enquire
XBU0498 O Ring Enquire
XBU0514 Lock Washer - Rear Hub Enquire
XBU0585 Thrust Washer Enquire
XBU0745 Hub Cap Enquire

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