Bus, Coach and Truck Air Suspension aftermarket parts for Leyland
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n.b. Part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only

Part Number Part Description
10903376 Filter Enquire
10903378 Isolator Valve Enquire
10904403 Air Bag Enquire
10904459 Clamp Plate Enquire
10904460 Piston Enquire
10904462 Piston Enquire
564732 Centre Ring Enquire
812337 Linkage-Leveling Valve Enquire
AAL0102 Clamp Plate Enquire
AAU2541 Piston Enquire
AAU2542 Air Bag Enquire
AAU2544 Air Bag Enquire
AAU3335 Valve - Leveling Enquire
AAU3336 Valve - Leveling Enquire
AAU4386 Valve - Leveling Enquire
ABU1822 Filter Element Enquire
ACHA838 Height Sensor Enquire
ACU1991 Piston Enquire
ACU2366 Bump Stop Enquire
ACU2924 Piston Enquire
BBU9442 Bellows Enquire
BBU9772 Air Bag Enquire
CAL2133 Bump Stop Enquire
FBU5844 Valve - Leveling Enquire
FBU5895 Rod End Assy Enquire
FBU5955 O Ring Enquire
FBU8186 Isolator Valve Enquire
FBU8587 Clamp Plate Enquire
HBU1871 Air Bag Enquire
HBU1872 Air Bag Enquire
HBU1873 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2484 Valve - Leveling Enquire
HBU2484R Valve - Leveling Enquire
HBU2489 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2510 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2511 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2512 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2513 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2514 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2515 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2516 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2517 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2518 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2754 Bump Stop Enquire
HBU2755R Valve - Leveling Enquire
HBU2756R Valve - Leveling Enquire
HBU2879 Air Bag Enquire
HBU2908 Valve - Leveling Enquire
HBU3368 Valve - Leveling Enquire
HBU3485 Pedestal Enquire
HBU3486 Pedestal Enquire
HBU3946 Valve - Leveling Enquire
HBU3946R Valve - Leveling Enquire
HBU4062 Air Bag Enquire
HBU4256 Air Bag Enquire
HBU6574 Bush - Pivot Enquire
HBU6837 Clamp Plate Enquire
HBU7703 Valve - Leveling Enquire
HLK3773 Valve - Leveling Enquire
HLK3774 Valve - Leveling Enquire
HLK3775 Isolator Valve Enquire
HLK3777 Clamp Plate Enquire
HLK3780 Clamp Plate Enquire
HLK3825 Clamp Plate Enquire
HLK4158 Valve - Leveling Enquire
HLK4159 Valve - Leveling Enquire
HLK6582 Clamp Plate Enquire
HLK8067 Clamp Plate Enquire
HLK8913 Clamp Plate Enquire
KLK1148 Valve - Leveling Enquire
KLK1149 Valve - Leveling Enquire
KLK2879 Clamp Plate Enquire
KLK3172 Clamp Plate Enquire
NLK3045 Filter Assembly Enquire
NLK3457 Piston Enquire
NLK5483 Rod End Enquire
NLK5506 Air Bag Enquire
NY110061 Nut Enquire
WAL4012 Piston Enquire
XBU0178 Air Bag Enquire
XBU0525 Clamp Plate Enquire
XBU0607 Rod End Enquire
XBU0927 Filter Element Enquire

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